Maintain Your Capabilities


Our team is always available to ensure that your equipment is accurately calibrated to the latest standards and properly maintained.

Our calibration and repair division is dedicated to ensuring the accuracy and reliability of your surveying and mapping equipment.

We will ensure your operations running smoothly, from routine calibrations to complex repairs. Let us help level up your team’s capabilities and take the next step in precision surveying. Keep your equipment at its best.

Equipment Repair

PT. Sistem Solusi Geospasial offer a comprehensive repair and maintenance service for our products where warranty allows. Please contact our repair department if you have any repair requests, prior to sending us your equipment we will ask you to fill out a form explaining the fault, who is sending the equipment, and where we should send it when it is repaired. We will send a formal repair quotation before proceeding with any repair work, this will be initiated once an official purchase order has been received by us (if applicable). Repair time may vary depending on the complexity of the work performed.