The Global Leader in IoT Remote Monitoring

Work with the standard in IoT remote monitoring. We are the front-runner in monitoring infrastructure across 70 countries. With over 3.000 network deployments, our IoT solution brings tailings dams, bridges, tunnels and other important assets to life. You can now perform monitoring 24/7 to determine the structural integrity of assets

Edge Devices

Deploy robust, low-maintenance devices with up to 10 years of unattended operations.

Connectivity Enablers

Leverage the power of 5x more network coverage than other wireless solutions in the market. Cover narrowband and broadband communications with a single network provider.

Connectivity Management

Manage your network deployment form a single software platform, from network to node configuration.



Industries We Serve

Your trusted partner for monitoring large-scale civil infrastructure through IoT technology.


Improve your mine safety through reliable IoT remote monitoring.


Easily comply with project requirements by gathering and sharing monitoring data remotely.


Perform preventive maintenance safely and cost-effectively to extend the life cycle of the infra/supra infrastructure and avoid unexpected service interruptions through programmatic interventions.

Civil Infrastructure

Apply preventive maintenance safely and cost-effectively to safe on site visits and reduce costs.